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Welcome to Three Peaks Primary Academy, a school where children enjoy learning, have success and feel happy and secure. 

Our vision is to ensure that our pupils become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society




We are committed to providing each child with the highest quality educational experiences to prepare them for a successful future.

At Three Peaks, both staff and Governors work in partnership with children and parents to ensure that everyone in our community understands and values the many different learning opportunities and activities provided through the curriculum and beyond. 

We offer our children and staff a pleasant learning environment and use this effectively to support our curriculum.  


The Creative Education Trust


Since December 2014, Three Peaks has been part of the Creative Education Trust. This has enabled the school to rigorously pursue rapid improvement for the children we teach.

The Creative Education Trust is a charity and social enterprise set up in 2011 with support from leaders in the creative industries, innovation based businesses and education. 

The Trust’s mission is to improve standards of education and skills for children across the UK, equipping them to be successful adults in the competitive, globalised world of the future.

The Creative Education Trust



The creative, problem-solving, innovation and making skills used in design, engineering, high-tech manufacturing and architecture are at the heart of the Trust’s approach to learning, because they are at the heart of the UK economy of the future.

The Creative Education Trust pursues its aims through exciting innovations in curriculum, teaching and learning.  Those innovations fuel educational improvement and develop students with modern employable skills.

The Trust has a growing number of primary and secondary academies across England.  Its ambition is simple: to be amongst the very best providers of publically-funded education in the country. 


Early Years Foundation Stage

At Three Peaks, we are proud to offer a complete Foundation Stage experience as children progress through our Nursery and Reception classes.

Our Foundation Stage curriculum provides children with exciting opportunities to achieve and surpass the Early Learning Goals.  Topics are carefully planned to ensure that a secure foundation is laid to the children’s education by providing relevant learning opportunities based on individualised next steps in learning.  A variety of teaching strategies and approaches are used to suit all children’s learning styles. 


Our Early Years Foundation Stage environment is rich and stimulating.  Colourful, interactive displays and working walls support the children with their learning, aiding future learning and celebrating individual class achievements.  We also make good use of the outdoor learning environment throughout the year, to extend and enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum. 

Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage we encourage our children to develop a curiosity for the world around them and to be active in their learning.  We develop a love of learning and lay firm foundations for the children to build on throughout their school lives. 



At Three Peaks, we regularly review our curriculum to ensure that we provide the very best learning experiences for our children.  We seek to challenge and excite children to want to learn and achieve their best.  The principles of inclusion and equality of opportunity are at the heart of all that we do in school. 

We value the importance of giving the children experiences to base their learning on and ensure that all that we offer is inspiring, interesting and relevant.  Our curriculum covers the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, supporting and extending children’s knowledge, skills and understanding across a wide range of topics and activities.

At the heart of all that we do, is the development of Basic Skills – Reading, Writing and Numeracy. 



Personal, social and moral development are woven into the curriculum and the children develop an ability to make informed choices and practise essential life skills and attributes, such as reliability, cooperation, tolerance, self-discipline, respect and friendship.  A set of six key concepts: structure, pattern, meaning, performance, human interaction and practice underpin work in all areas of the curriculum and help to provide the children with strategies, understanding and confidence to tackle all learning opportunities. 

Our school council ensure that every pupil attending Three Peaks Primary Academy has a voice and develops an appreciation that their opinions matter and are taken seriously.  




Three Peaks Primary Academy is a two form entry school and classes are organised in a way that enables teachers and support staff to maximise learning opportunities for children through a range of teaching methods.  We build on the prior knowledge of the children and use a range of strategies to ensure they reach their full potential.  Teachers work collaboratively when planning units of work and lessons.  Children take an active role in their learning and develop a clear understanding of what they need to do next to improve.  All topics are launched with an experience that captures the children’s attention and culminate in an activity which allows the children to showcase their learning – in the past, this has included Dragon’s Den style presentations, the setting up of a garden centre and café, the creation of class museums and a the production of short films using green screen technology.    Classrooms and corridors provide stimulating and interesting learning environments and the children’s work is displayed around the school. 

ICT is used to support and extend learning in all areas of the curriculum and the children are encouraged to make choices about how and when to use it. 



The school ensures the children know how to safely use the internet and has systems in place to ensure that the school ICT network is a safe learning environment.  

Enrichment Activities

The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for both infant and junior children.  These are run by members of the school staff and external providers.  Clubs include : cooking, football, rugby, drama, singing, gardening, art and many more. 

Wherever possible, the school’s curriculum is enhanced by educational visits or visiting experts.  Children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to embark on a week-long residential visit to an outdoor education centre.  Children from Years 3 to 5 are also given the opportunity to go on a weekend residential visit.  These trips provide the children with opportunities to try out a range of adventurous activities such as archery, shelter-building and climbing, as well as enhancing social skills through team building exercises.  


Health & Well-Being


Our school meals service follows the Government guidelines for healthy, balanced and nutritious meals.  A choice of meals are offered on a daily basis. Key Stage 2 children are able to purchase tuck at playtimes whilst the younger children benefit from receiving free fruit snacks. 

Our Physical Education programme includes gymnastics, dance, games, athletics, swimming and outdoor activities. 


The programme is well balanced and provides all children with the opportunity to participate in two hours of exercise each week.  We hope that by providing children with enjoyable activities we will give them a positive attitude to regular exercise.  A number of sporting activities are offered as extra-curricular clubs and teams represent the school in district and Trust leagues and competitions. 

We encourage children to walk, ride or scoot to school and have provision to store scooters and bicycles at school. 

Emotional well-being is an important factor in educational achievement and the school recognises the importance of this area.  We teach children that it is safe to share and get support for any concerns or worries that they have and the school employs a Pupil Support Leader to ensure that barriers to learning can be addressed.  


Pastoral Care


If a child is recognised as having difficulties in some areas of their learning, the school will work closely with parents to develop a programme of work suited to the child’s needs.  The class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) will work together and, if necessary, enlist the support the support of outside agencies, usually through the Local Authority’s Special Needs Support Service (SENSS). Three Peaks Primary School follows the guidelines of the Code of Practice of Special Educational Needs. 

Very able and gifted children may also be considered as having ‘special needs’ and at Three Peaks we will support these children to achieve their full potential. 

We believe that working in partnership with parents and families is essential in securing a complete educational experience.  We encourage and value parental support in all that we do and try to support families throughout their child’s time at Three Peaks.  We aim to keep parents fully informed about school through various communication channels.  



Our before and after school provision, ‘The Kipper Club’, offers an extended day for pupils on site.  We have a social conscience and encourage and promote good citizenship through various activities in the community and through participation in charitable events. 

If you would like to find out more about Three Peaks Academy you are very welcome to contact us for an appointment to meet the Headteacher and to look round.  During the visit the aims of the school will be explained and you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.